When we go to bed at night, It’s Assumed to be a time to Break, forget all our problems and prepare yourself for a better and brighter tomorrow. Heavy hearts, lots of stress, depression and anxiety. That is, Generally, Brought on by what could have occurred throughout the day. We take the burdens of this In moments like these, It’s Best to have this 1 individual, or a Couple of individuals, Who constantly wish you great night. Those Tiny candy words can alter a Individual’s Mood immediately and help them sleep better, with trust, determination, a grin In their face and pleasure indoors.

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What is grammatically correct: goodnight or good night?

Just in case anyone here thinks it is ungrammatical to write it as one word, here are a few example sentences from the Oxford English dictionary. Looking at them it is clear that it is a noun (the wishing of a good night to someone) and an adjective (a goodnight kiss).

Both are correct but they are not the same . To wish someone “Good Night” is the correct form of the greeting in the same way as “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon” and “Good Evening” but I certainly wouldn’t say “She gave me a good night kiss” What is a night kiss? To have a “good night kiss” a “night kiss” must be correct. This also suggests there is a bad night kiss?? No – as a greeting “Good Night” is correct but as an adjective (or arguably part of a compound noun) “goodnight …” is more appropriate

The traditional correct form (and the commonest) is “good night” (two words): see Google Ngram

Depends on context.
Generally (99.9% of the time) you want the exclamation form:
“Good night”, he said to me.

But when ‘goodnight’ is used as a noun:
He uttered a quick goodnight and left. (n.)
She wished me goodnight.

Both are used interchangeably. But generally, I’d use Good night all the time because there’s no reason to combine the two words as one just as you wouldn’t combine Good morning or Good afternoon.

“Goodnight” and “good night” are correct and are used differently.

Goodnight. “Goodnight” is more casual, said by life partners and household members and particular friends.

Good night. “Have a good night” is more formal way of saying the same thing. Who says this: Employees to employers, hotel staff to hotel guests, salespersons to customers.

Having made this distinction, I might say, “Have a good night” to a friend who had a challenging day. I say this to her as on other days I may say, “Rest well” or “Sleep with the angels”. If she and I are still taking leave of each when we have just had a lovely chat and romp through the resale shop, we are likely to just say, “Goodnight”.

Hope this helps.