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Puns for Educated Minds Part III

Received this forward on WhatsApp today. Made me laugh so sharing it here. Your Pun…ishment The...

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Dedicated to all mothers – Whatsapp Forwards, Jokes, Riddles and Puzzles

Papa – ☺ Whom u like moreMamma or Papa..??Kid – 😒 BothPapa – 😐 No tell me 1..?Kid – 😒 BothPapa – 😉 If i go to America &Your Mother go to ParisWhere will u go.?Kid – 😒 Paris..Papa – 😕 It Means You LikeYour Mother..? Kid – 😒...

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बाहुबली बोला है बाजूवाली नही

पत्नी -सुनो जी बाहुबली अच्छी है देख लो !!! पति whatsup चलाता हुवा बाहर गैलरी मै चला गया… पत्नी बोली कमीने अंदर आजा मैंने बाहुबली बोला है बाजूवाली नही !!!...

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