13 Steps To Login Into Whatsapp Web

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13 Steps To Login Into Whatsapp Web 1

Some of you might be getting confused that how to login with Whatsapp web, so I will explain to you how to login in Whatsapp web with images, so that, I will me helpful for you to know how things work in simple way.


 13 Steps To Login Into Whatsapp Web:-

1. First of all, you need to go to your browser (Google Chrome and Mozilla Fire Fox as per your browser)

WhatsApp Web

2. Type Whatsapp web in the search box and press enter (search button)

WhatsApp Web



3. Search result will display.

WhatsApp Web



4. Click on the first result 

WhatsApp Web


5. Whatsapp web website will open and qr code will be displayed on website.

WhatsApp Web



6. Take your mobile and open Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Web



7. After opening Whatsapp you will see 3 dots on your top right corner of your screen.

WhatsApp Web



8. Click on the 3 dots which is at your top right corner of your screen.

WhatsApp Web



9. After clicking on those 3 dots you will see the option Whatsapp web.

WhatsApp Web



10. Click on the Whatsapp web.

WhatsApp Web



11. After clicking on Whatsapp web qr code scanner will open.

WhatsApp Web



12. Scan the qr code from scanner of your mobile.

WhatsApp Web



13. After scanning, it redirects automatic and your WhatsApp is now active on your Desktop or Laptop.




Whatsapp is useful for all the people like a working professional, students, and other persons.


For Professionals

So as the working professional will have most of the work in the laptop so if there is any situation that the working professional should send the documents to any specific person through WhatsApp so at that time he can use the WhatsApp in laptop or desktop for sending the document which is at the computer or laptop.


 Useful In Emergency  Time

There will be some situations like you will not be having any USB cable with you and there is not connectivity between your cell phone and laptop but the file will be in laptop which you want send Then, to other persons, so at that time, the only way is WhatsApp through computer, and you can use the WhatsApp from computer for sending any required files through the Whatsapp form laptop just by login in to the WhatsApp.


Advantages of  Whatsapp web

* It can be used when ever you want when you are using laptop or desktop.

* It can be used when your mobile battery is draining you just have to scan the qr code, and your mobile is set free, and you can start using your WhatsApp in your laptop or desktop.

* It can be used to send photos as some occasions photos will be more and you will be storing it in laptop or desktop so, you can send those photos by login into WhatsApp .

* It helps you to get the document from your cell to your laptop or desktop.

So for this you need to go to your cell Whatsapp and then choose the file you need at your laptop or desktop and send the file to any of your close friends or to your close relatives after that you need to go to computer Whatsapp  and login into your laptop or desktop after that, open the chart in which you had sent the file in your cell after opening the chart you will see the download button on the file click on the download button, and your file will e automatically downloaded in your laptop or desktop.


So by using this feature you will be able to save your time as well as your energy and by this the files or the documents will reach or the receiver will get those files or documents in lesser time, and it will be helpful for them if they have any agreements or any period that they should submit in those specific time or date.

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